Thursday, February 8th

Curated Resources for Classes in the Library Today

Welcome to the Library!

Today, we welcome Grade 9 math classes, who are coming to the Library to be introduced to Homework Help.


Have you ever asked your Math Teacher a question and forgot what they said later on? 
Have you ever wanted help with your math homework on a Thursday evening after dinner?
Have you ever wanted to use fun videos, simulations, games or tutorials to further your understanding of mathematical concepts?

Of course you have!



by TVO’s Independent Learning Centre and the Ontario Ministry of Education, Homework Help is free to all students in Ontario and is a great resource.

You can access a live tutor in the evenings as well as a large collection of digital resources to support your math education.

A lucky volunteer will be plucked from our studio audience today to show everyone how to register for Homework Help. If you registered in a previous year, you will simply have to activate your account.

This Slide Show gives you an idea of the major steps

Good luck with Homework Help and have fun.