Monday, March 5th

Period 1 – PSK4U

Mr. Abdelnour’s Grade 12s will be coming in to work on their Injuries Assignment

Even before sports were televised, spectators seemed to be long fascinated with injuries, or the risk of injury on the field of play.

Today, you’ll be looking at specific injuries suffered by athletes to determine just what happened, why it happened and how the athlete would be treated in the aftermath.

Sadly, it’s not all animated athletes who are injured. You’ll need to likely use Youtube to find videos that illustrate these injuries.  With so many sports televised; you’ll find no shortage. A word of warning, the videos you will watch might be graphic in nature. If you feel uncomfortable watching them, please contact Mr. Abdelnour right away.

While researching, be sure to use subject-appropriate terminology to find relevant sources.

Our print collection does have many sources that will support your research. Use the TDSB Catalogue to find those sources, some of which will be streaming video or ebooks.

You’ll need to use APA citation for this project. We suggest you use the Laurier APA Guide, which you’ll see used in action as we create in-text citations and a References list for the videos above.


Period 2 – HSB4U1

Ms. Magson’s class will be in working on their Generations assignment. A PDF of the assignment can be found HERE.

The Advanced Placement Source would be a great resource for this assignment.

Also, the Vanier Institute of the Family provides great resources that cover families and generations across Canada.

You’ll need to use APA citation for this project.

In the Library, we suggest you use the Laurier Chicago School of Citation Guide which you’ll see used in action with Mr. Kosowan as we create footnotes and a Bibliography.

Citing a film or song will obviously be an important part of this Bibliography.