Thursday, April 12th

Curated Resources for Classes in the Library Today

Welcome to the Library!

Period Two – HIF1O1

Ms. McWilliam’s Grade 9 Family Studies class is coming down to work on their healthy snacks assignment.

Click here for Canada’s Food Guide (2011)

Ms. McWilliams has provided some great links that offer healthy snacks. They can be found below.

Period Three- CGC1D

Ms. Sandoval-Castro’s Grade 9 Geography class is coming in to work on their landform regions research.

  1. The Canadian Government’s Natural Resources Department has an excellent Canadian Atlas, providing information on Canadian geography by region. It would be an excellent source.
  2. Canadian Geographic has an excellent Online Atlas that also has information about Canada’s landforms.
  3. WorldAtlas provides basic landform information.
  4. Our Virtual Library has great databases for your research purposes.
  5. The Library’s Catalogue provides you access to our print, digital and streaming collection.


Also, we need to talk a bit about Death by PowerpointAlso, there is Death by GoogleSlide and Death by Prezi.


Ms. Vilicic will discuss bad presentations.

Death by Prezi