Academic Honesty

Sir Wilfrid Laurier has a clearly set policy for Academic Honesty.

Students in the I.B. Programme have been shown and subsequently have agreed to meet the terms of that policy.

When it comes to the Extended Essay, at no point will an assignment which is suspected of being plagiarized be sent to the I.B. for assessment.

Failure to submit an Extended Essay would result in a failing grade and mean the loss of an I.B. Diploma, which would be unfortunate.

All Extended Essays are processed through Turn It In’s service, providing a Similarity report. That report does not show whether an essay is plagiarized or not through a simple number.

The Toronto District School Board (2017) created an Activity Providing Guidance on Plagiarism as part of their spectacular publication on Research Success. I’d suggest all students read and review it.

Remember that at Laurier, citations are taught regularly and assistance is provided. If you need help outside of school hours, please go to the our Resources section of the website for information about citation in the three major schools.