Review of Cinder

Reviewed by Nivin Khan, 2022.

In the excellent first installment of The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer creates a picture of a far future where humans coexist with robots, a deadly plague has spread worldwide, and Earth has complicated intergalactic relations with Lunars, inhabitants of the moon. Linh Cinder is a talented but belittled cyborg living under her hateful stepmother in the bustling futuristic city of New Beijing. Readers follow Cinder through a series of sudden events that lead her to a life-altering revelation and launch her onto a thrilling journey to save not only herself, but entire empires. This novel is full of unique characters and great twists and turns. The story has just enough resemblance with the classic fairytale Cinderella while moving far astray in the most creative ways. For anyone wanting a perfect blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and action, Cinder is a must-read.

This novel can be found in the Fantasy section of Laurier’s Library and Learning Commons.