Tuesday, December 5th

Curated Resources for Classes in the Library Today

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Period 1 – CHC2D7-11

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Ms. Gaudette’s Pre-IB Canadian History class will be coming to work on their Defining Moments in Canadian history assignment. The Laurier Librarians have created a list of 20th/21st Century Canadian History resources. This list of print sources covers important primary source documents that will help aid your research. We’ve labelled it as “CHC2D – Canadian History Primary Sources” It can be found HERE.

You’ll also find a great deal of material online. If we may be so bold, here’s a collection of easy-to-find links that should help.

OISE is where University students learn how to be teachers. They have amassed a collection of digital resources that help promote the use of Primary Sources in Canadian History. You should check it out.

The Canadian Letters & Images Project archives the Canadian war experience from those who were there. You can search for real primary source documents by era, theme and location. You can find letters, photos or pretty much anything else you could use in terms of primary sources in Canada. Definitely a great resource.

Thompson Rivers University has another great collection of Primary source documents. With a West Coast bias, you’ll find some different resources than us elitist Ontarians.

And hey, while we’re travelling across Canada; let’s stop at Brandon University. The good Manitoban researchers have compiled a very useful list of primary sources.

The Library Catalogue has great resources here too. You should check it out remember to use the login info from your learnmarks. Some of these topics are covered by streaming video and ebooks in addition to our traditional print collection. That catalogue is certainly an invaluable resource for you.