Monday, December 4th

Curated Resources for Classes in the Library Today

Welcome to the Library!

Period 1 & 2 – FSF3U7-11/12/13

Mr. Matchett and Ms. Parsekhian’s Grade 11 IB French classes are coming in to work on their research on La culture francophone.

There’s a whole big world of French resources online, following these slides to take to you where you need to go.

French Resources


Advice….. for what it’s worth.

  • Pick something that you haven’t researched before. If you go down the same path, you won’t be terribly inspired.
  • Into sports? Instead of looking at Maurice Richard or the Montreal Olympics you could look at Youppi or why Quebec football teams are so dominant at the Highschool and University level?
  • Think creatively of what French resources you could research. TFO, TVA, CBC TelevisionTélé-Québec, RDS are all major sources of Quebec and Francophone culture…