The Extended Essay Assessment Criteria

I’ve tried to narrow down the amount of information you need in terms of assessing the Extended Essay. We’ve all got enough “stuff” to read, right?


Advice for Assessing the E.E.
A collection of advice for both mentors and students writing the E.E. I think this would be very helpful to share with students.

The Extended Essay Assessment Criteria
This is the same handout given back in September. It would be a valuable tool while aiming coming to a Predicted Grade.

The Best Fit Approach
Explains why the I.B. is using the “best fit” approach and what it means in terms of A&E.

Assessment of the E.E. and Exemplars
The I.B.’s Extended Essay website has examples of assessed submissions in different subject areas. It also includes mark breakdowns and commentary. This kind of information helps give us an idea of what Evaluators are looking for.