Tuesday, October 9th

Period 1 – HFA4U

Ms. Williams’s Nutrition class is working in the Library on their Media Review Assignment. 

The Library’s Databases

The Advanced Placement Source would be a great resource for this assignment. It provides access to academic journals and sources for which you would otherwise have to pay.

Also, Canadian Points of View and Global Viewpoints, which can be found at the same link above, provide exactly what their titles claim. They would be incredibly useful.

Another valuable source would be the Vanier Institute of the Family, which has an awful interface but excellent research on mental health and its impact upon families.

The Library Catalogue

The Catalogue will also will allow you on-site and remote access to our Print, Electronic and Streaming Video Collection. You can also access the CBC archives through this portal, which has a great deal of resources.




For this assignment, you will be using the APA school of citation. Remember that includes in-text citation and a References page at the end of the essay. We’ll go

The file discussed with the class for easy access can be found here The APA Working File.

Remember to look to OWL @ Purdue for other questions that arise about citation. It’s where Mr. Kosowan or Ms. Vilicic go when we’re looking for information about citation.