General Timeline for the Class of 2025

EE Timeline for Members of Class of 2025
Dates are subject to change based upon Programme needs as per E.E. Coordinator

EE Lottery Process and Assigning of EE Mentors and EE Subject
March 1-8

Students Make Initial Contact with EE Mentor by Email & Preliminary Brainstorming & Research
March 17-30

Finalizing EE Topic and Research Question
March 30

1st Formal Meeting with Mentor and 1st Student Reflection Posted on EE Planning and Progress Form on ManageBac 
March 31 to April 7

Research / Experimentation /Thinking/Writing by Student with Mentor Input
Skill Builders and Monthly Check Ins – April 7 through June 13

Outline or Initial Draft/Research Overview with Mentor
End of June

Full Draft Hard Copy Submission
This is the ONLY full draft the EE Mentor can read and must be a complete EE with all formatting and citation included. It MUST be complete enough to be evaluated fully against the EE rubric by the EE Mentor
September 30

2nd Formal Session with Mentor and 2nd Student EE Reflection EE Planning and Progress Form on ManageBac.
Mentor Feedback from September Draft to be shared with the student.

October 14-November 15

Final EE Submitted on ManageBac 
This provides one full month for students to incorporate feedback from EE Mentors and polish the EE. Except under extreme circumstances, there are no edits after this date.
January 16

3rd Formal Session with Mentor (Viva Voce) and 3rd Student EE Reflection Completed on EE Planning and Progress Form on ManageBac
January 17  to February 10

Supervisor’s Report and Predicted Grades Submitted
February 21