The EE Coordinator

The Extended Essay Coordinator plays a role in supporting both mentors and students as they progress in the Extended Essay journey.

The Watcher on the Wall: Tracking deadline adherence

I track all internal deadlines with an eye to seeing potential issues before they become roadblocks to success. Meeting the initial deadlines with effort is one of our earliest and best indicators of success with the Extended Essay. If a student shows warning signs, I’ll be sure to contact the mentor so we can work together to get the student on track.

The Enforcer: Intervening for students not meeting expectations

If a mentor is finding that a student is not fulfilling their responsibilities, I am happy to approach the student to provide guidance and reminders of the scope of the assignment. This could be students repeatedly not meeting deadlines, poor effort on internal assignments, failure to attend/arrange meetings or issues with potential plagiarism.

When issues arise, it’s important to get ahead of them as quickly as possible to ensure that the student has a chance to adapt to challenges when there’s still time for corrective action.

If need be, I will involve Parents/Guardians, I.B. Coordinators or School Administrators using a system based upon progressive consequence.

The Coach: When a student is struggling with the workload

Life can be stressful. Sometimes the scope of the project can be daunting. It’s another part of my job to support students in dealing with that. If a student is struggling or spinning their wheels in this regard, please let me know and I can counsel as needed.

Here’s a scoop: Providing info, before you need it by yesterday

When internal or external deadlines approach, I’ll contact mentors and students alike to remind them of what’s coming. Information on Reflections, draft submissions, Turn It In, Predicted Grades and Supervisor’s Reports are transmitted when necessary, but can generally be found on this website too.

Also, at the end of the process, I work with all parties to ensure required files/information is submitted so I can submit to the IB via electronic transmission. That’s right, I’ll take of the submission aspect through the IB’s interface so you don’t have to.

Talk it Out: Here to listen to your concerns… about the Essay

Generally the best way to discuss issues regarding the E.E. is via email. I can be reached at my TDSB email address.

If you’d like to talk in person, I can be reached in the Laurier Library at ext. 20020 or drop on by. The best time to find time to talk is before school between 8:15-8:30 or at lunch. Other times can be arranged as well with enough notice.