Friday March 31st, 2023

Period 4 – CHW3M – History of the World to the 16th Century

Mr Kosowan’s class will be coming to the Library to work on their Egyptian Power Cards assignment and to refresh their knowledge of footnotes for referencing.

Portrait of Queen Twosret or Tausert at the walls of her tomb at the Valley  of the Kings (KV 14), Western Luxor 🖤 - Wonders of the Past 🏺✨ - Quora
Image of Queen Twosret from Historical Eve

We suggest you use the following resources :

The Library Catalogue allows you remote access to our print, digital and streaming resources from anywhere at any time. To access this resource, you’ll simply need your TDSB log-in information.

Instead of just going to Google, you could also consult the following websites and databases as well:

Fordham University has created an Internet Sourcebook that provides primary source documents different civilizations and eras across History.

The Perseus Project: From TUFTS University, this collection of cultural, historic and literary sources from the Greco-Roman world provides you with excellent material.

Several other good websites to look at are Ancient History Encyclopedia and Penn Museum.

One more thing to note, is reviewing how to create footnotes for this assignment.


Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

It’s a beautiful day in the Library today. And we’re happy to welcome Mr. Woodley’s CGW4U course to the Library!

You’re coming in to the Library to work on your research project.

ToolGroup shop search research toolgroup GIF

Here’s where I’d suggest you look

We recommend the Virtual Library for databases as well as the Library Catalogue for a variety of media pieces. Do we have a vested interest in you using us;

Sources We’d Recommend (Click on the icon to use the source. Password information can be found at bottom of page)

Canadian Points of View: Issues from a global and national perspective with a Canadian twist; this collection of resources can provide you with a multi-faceted look at your topic.

Global Issues in Context: Compiled by Gage, this world-leading resource focuses upon the global community with an inter-discplinary approach.

Advanced Placement Source
University level research in your hands! This game-changing database is powerful and effective.

Remember to select your grade, 9-12, when searching for these databases.

The Login Information can be found in the Password link found below


Cover image of JSTOR

Also, if you have your Toronto Public Library Card, you can access JSTOR. This database provides high-yield results at a truly academic level.

The CIA World Factbook isn’t only about clandestine backchannel meetings between operatives. It also houses some of the greatest data about the different nations and some of their greatest problems. Pay particular attention to transnational issues when reading about different countries, as that’ll give you a lot of good detail!

Tuesday March 7th, 2023

Period 2Ms. Muzzi’s ADD2O1

Ms. Muzzi’s Grade 10 Stage Crew Class is coming in to work on their speech assignment.

We have several books that include famous and maybe even inspirational speeches. We can help you photocopy some of them for you to annotate.

Democratic National Convention Fun GIF by Election 2016

Also, there is the grandeur of the Internet.

Here are some sites that include full-text speeches.