Wednesday December 21st, 2022

Welcome Ms. Vieth’s PPL2 & PPL3/4!

We’re here to talk to you about APA Citation and how to find information for your assignments.

This Primer on APA will help explain the basics of how you’ll be citing your work within a report as well as how to create the “References” list.


OWL Purdue is another option if you need help with APA citation.

As for research, today we’re going to look within the TDSB’s Virtual Library for information that will best support your topics/assignment.

Remember to select your Grade range (9-12) and subject area (Science &/or Health) before starting to search in the yellow FIND tile.

Other options include:

Remember that the databases are password-protected and some of the passwords have changed since last year. You will need to be logged into AW to access these resources. Look for the orange Passwords & Info icon in the Virtual Library.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is passwords-info-image-2.png
You’ll see this at the top of the Virtual Library page.

Monday December 12th, 2022

Period 1-AMS (Strings)

Welcome to the library, Ms. Parker-Cook’s class!

You are here to research music composers of film, TV or video games.

Google may be your best friend for this assignment however we have curated some websites to save you a little time!

Top 17 Film Composers and the World of Film Music

40 of the Greatest Video Game Composers

Top 37 Film/TV Music Composers

Film and Television Music Composers-Queensborough Community College Library Guide

Period 2-AMS (Vocals)

Welcome to the library, Ms. Parker-Cook’s class!

You are here to research famous musicals. Here are a few places to look for information.

Image Credit: Getty Images


Musical Theater-Music Resources-Queensborough Community College Library Guide

Stage Agent

Google Scholar

Period 3-AMS (Guitar)

Welcome to the Library, Ms. Parker-Cook’s class!

You are here to research Musical Careers and Schools.


5 Things To Consider Before You Opt For A Music Career | Dotted Music

Image Credit:

A good starting point would be by logging into MyBlueprint, using the post-secondary link in the menu on the left. 

Googling “private music schools” in Ontario may also yield some results.

Monday December 5th, 2022

Periods 1 & 2-CHC2D

Mr. Kosowan’s Grade 10 History classes will be coming in to research technological innovations of World War Two.

We suggest using the following resources.

The Canadian Encyclopedia – This thorough collection of resources covers most Canadian options, but also looks at the local impact of globally renowned individuals and their innovations. It also provides links and a bibliography for easy access. – This is a good starting point for general information.

You will need to search your innovation within these websites.

Science History Institute

Here are some other very useful resources you can pick up at the Laurier Virtual Library.

Resources for the CHC2O Included are the Virtual Library Catalogue,  Canadian Points of View and Global Issues in Context. 

Before you can access the database list, remember to indicate that you’re in Gr 9-12.

In some cases, using Google might be a good bet. Ask yourself the following questions though…

  1. Who created the information you’re using? Are they a trustworthy source? Why or why not?
  2. When was the information created? Is it out of date or premature maybe?
  3. Is there any implicit (or explicit) bias that you should take into account?