Final Steps: The Supervisor’s Report, Viva Voce and the RPPF

After you’ve read the E.E. and used the criteria to assess the Essay itself, you’re almost done.

The Final Steps for the E.E., have more to do with your efforts than any other part of the E.E. process.

There are 2 major final steps before you have determined the Predicted Grade.

  1. The Viva Voce
  2. The Supervisor’s Report, part of the RPPF

The Viva Voce

The Viva Voce’s importance to the Extended Essay experience is more defined with the new curriculum. It is now designed to be a thirty minute session where the mentor and the student discuss the E.E.

Viva Voce Information from the I.B.

  • How to Prepare for the Viva Voce
  • Reminder, the student will complete their 3rd Mandatory Reflection statement after the Viva Voce with you. This reflection is to be written within 24-48 hours of that meeting.
  • The Predicted Grade cannot be fully determined until you have evaluated the RFFP. 
    • This is because Criterion E evaluates the three reflections, one of which will not be written before the Viva Voce.

The Supervisor’s Report and RPPF

For years, we haven’t been given much to refer to when it comes to the Supervisor’s Report.

With the new E.E., that has changed.

The Reflections on planning and progress form provides insight into the importance of your report and the student reflections on Criterion E. It also provides exemplars of the RFFPs. At the bottom of the RPPF you’ll find sample supervisor reports. That is going to really help you out.

  • Do not provide any identifying characteristics about the student. This includes their name, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity or any other identifier.
  • This is to ensure that this is truly a “Blind Read”
  • At the top of the RPPF, there is a place to enter a Candidate Personal Code. I’ll be in touch with the information closer to January.
  • “Important note: The total number of supervision hours must not exceed five hours. Coordinators are asked to remind all extended essay supervisors that the hours of supervision stated on the coversheet should not include any lab supervision necessary for safety reasons. The hours stated should include only one-to-one time spent discussing the progress of the extended essay. All supervisors must be familiar with the extended essay requirement for the Diploma Programme and their responsibilities for guiding candidates on the preparation and writing of an extended essay.” (B7.3 Regulations)


When writing your supervisor’s report, use the Supervisor’s Comments section in Managebac. (Found under Planning & Progress on your student’s page)

The commentary you provide will be transferred into the RPPF after you EXPORT the file. See the slide below where the steps are laid out.

RPPF Information from the I.B.

  • Managebac has the feature to create the RFFP. It can be found under Planning and Progress.