Thursday March 12th, 2020

Period 3-CHV201

Ms. Magson’s class will be coming to the library to research wrongfully convicted Canadians in preparation for their presentations.

Here are some links that you might find useful:

The Innocence Project

Innocence Canada formerly known as The Association in Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted (AIDWYC)

Injustice Busters

CBC Digital Archives

Don’t forget to refresh your memory of Chicago style bibliography!

Below you’ll find the Laurier Guide for Chicago Citation.

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Remember to look to OWL @ Purdue for other questions that arise about citation. It’s where Ms. Kelso or Ms. Vilicic go when we’re looking for information about citation.

Monday March 9th, 2020

Periods Two and Four- CGC1D7/1

Ms. Pak and Ms. Milenkovski’s Grade 9 Geography classes are coming in to work on their landform regions research.

This is the second time in the library so a quick reminder of how to create a Reference page is a must before beginning your research.


  1. The Canadian Government’s Natural Resources Department has an excellent Canadian Atlas, providing information on Canadian geography by region. It would be an excellent source.
  2. Canadian Geographic has an excellent Online Atlas that also has information about Canada’s landforms.
  3. WorldAtlas provides basic landform information.
  4. Our Virtual Library has great databases for your research purposes.
  5. The Library’s Catalogue provides you access to our print, digital and streaming collection.

Wednesday March 4th, 2020

Welcome to Mr. Kosowan’s ENG 3U classes!

Please have a look at some of the resources that will help with your debate research topics.

The Virtual Library will be a good starting point, looking at online news sources as well as others.

Remember that when you are researching from home, the databases will be password protected. Use a learnmark or ask Mrs. Vilicic if you’ve forgotten the user ID & password.

The following links to websites may also be worth a look:

Fraser Institute

CDHowe Institute

The Broadbent Institute

Pew Research Center

Amnesty International

Also, as a reminder, remember that creating a Works Cited page in MLA is necessary for this assignment.

Use the document below (also found in Laurier Resources in the Library website) and OWL Purdue.


Tuesday March 3rd, 2020

Period 1- ENG1D17

Ms. Muzzi’s Grade 9 English class is coming in to work on their Greek Mythology assignment.

To research your selected Ancient Greek character, you’ll need to do some digging.

Let us save you some time and use the following sites.

Greek Gods And Goddesses: This site has links for some of the major heroes of the Aegean world. A database that can be used to navigate all things mythology.

Fordham University: The Internet Sourcebook has a great deal of documents and manuscripts for all historic periods. This particular link focuses solely on the Ancient Greek world.

The Perseus Project: From TUFTS University, this collection of cultural, historic and literary sources from the Greco-Roman world provides you with excellent material.

Greek Mythology

Theoi Greek Mythology

The Library Catalogue: The Catalogue will also will allow you on-site and remote access to our Print, Electronic and Streaming Video Collection.