Wednesday December 16th, 2020

Grade 11 IB Math Exploration and Citation

Welcome to Laurier’s Library website! This is a great place for resources that you may need this year and next.

IB expects that you will reference any material that is not your own. In the case of the Math Exploration/IA, you may be referencing articles, studies, research done by others, images, charts, graphs, etc.

APA is the formatting style that you should use for Math. However IB will accept MLA or Chicago as long as whichever format you use, you remain consistent throughout.

The following links are here to help guide you in this process.

Effective Citing and Referencing (IB)

OWL Purdue-Citing Electronic Sources in APA

Within OWL’s APA guidelines, have a look at the Tables & Figures, Numbers & Statistics (for Statistical Copy, when to use a table or figure) and the APA Sample Paper


Finally, there is reference to samples of student work, where it is evident that IAs which have referenced sources, are mentioned in a positive light. Have a look at Example 21 in particular for referencing.