Tuesday February 11th, 2020

Period 3- SBI4U


Mr. Oster’s Gr. 12 Biology class is coming to the library to be introduced to reliable credible news sources science news and to have a refresher on APA citation in support of your media assignment. 
In this world that is filled with Fake News, it is even more important to be vigilant about using credible, reliable sources.

RealClear Science  
is one source that could be useful in your research.

Also, the TDSB Virtual Library is useful for Peer Reviewed Material:
Advanced Placement Source, Global Issues in Context, Science Reference Center

Media Bias – Recognize It and Be Aware of It

For assignments, you will be using the APA school of citation.

The file discussed with the class for easy access can be found here The APA Working File.

OWL@Purdue is a good place for citation help.