Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021

Today, we’ll be hosting two classes!

Morning Session – Ms. Jackson’s CGC1D (Grade 9 Geography)

Today, we’ll be discussing APA citation.

This form of citation helps students show the source of their research and is quite simple to accomplish. We’ll talk about how we write a References list together in class.


Afternoon Session – Ms. Magson’s HSB4U (Grade 12 Society: Challenge & Change)

Today, you’ll be learning about how to use STATS Canada. There’s a few other sources that will be of use too…

We’ll be talking about the different ways you can use the search options and what happens when a research source is not designed with young people in mind. It’s designed for professional researchers, who know what they’re doing. You (mostly) know what you’re doing, so we’ll work on the tips & tricks to get you there today.