Monday October 24th, 2022

Period 2-ENG2D7

Welcome to the library, Ms. McMulkin’s class!

Today you’re here to do some research connected to your novel.

Two great databases are Global Issues in Context and Canadian Encyclopedia, both found in the Virtual Library. They are password-protected when you’re at home so make sure you know where to find them in the Virtual Library. (Hint: look for the Orange Passwords Icon)

An external source that provides a good, neutral overview of countries and their history, political situations, etc is the CIA World Factbook.

As a reminder, it’s a good idea to keep track of your information and the sites you use so that you are easily able to format your Works Cited page in MLA.


Monday May 16, 2022

Period 4-CHC2D

Welcome Mr. Woodley’s Grade 10 History class! Today begins our series of classes in the quest to creating an outstanding history research essay.

For research purposes, we’ll base our start in the Virtual Library. (Remember that many databases are password-protected from home).

  1. The Library Catalogue allows you remote access to our print, digital and streaming resources from anywhere at any time. To access this resource, you’ll simply need your TDSB log-in information.
  2. The Canadian Encyclopedia is an excellent source of information for Canadian individuals (or for those with ties to Canada).
  3. The History databases and websites within the Virtual Library may be helpful. Just remember to choose Grade 9-12 and History as the Subject in the yellow FIND tile.

Our second discussion will revolve around embedding quotes within your essay which follows MLA school of citation.

In English classes you may have cited novels or short stories or poems parenthetically using MLA, which involves the author and page number from the text.

For Mr. Woodley’s class many of your sources will be online so that changes things a little bit.

To embed quotes, there are a few simple guidelines to remember:

  1. No lonely quotes!
  2. Run-In and/or Run-Out
  3. Peppering a quote

Finally, when in doubt, OWL Purdue is a great resource for all of your citation needs.

Remember that you will need to include a Works Cited page using  MLA school of Citation. It is crucial to properly reference information that is not your own in order to give credit where it’s due and also to avoid PLAGIARISM. Providing your teacher with a URL for a website used unfortunately will not cut it anymore.

Using the following information will put you on the right track to creating a Works Cited page to be proud of!

Below you’ll find the Laurier Guide for MLA Citation.