Friday, May 6th, 2022

Good morning y’all and welcome to the Library. Have to say; it’s great to have the website back up and running!

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Today’s Classes

Period 2 & 3- Ms. Bulloch’s SBI3C1 Classes

You’re coming in to continue your research on Bacteria. Not the fun kind though, from yogurt commercials. The nasty ones. The Pathogens….

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Researching these topics should be straight-forward, but let me tell you how I’d tackle it.

Tip One: The Wikipedia Hack
Sure, you’re Grade 8 teacher probably told you that Wikipedia is bad. That nasty Wikipedia would try to fool you with fake news, right? Well, not so fast. While it’s not a great source to put ON an assignment, the good people at Wikipedia have to show their resources, and mining the Wikipedia Reference page is an excellent way to find valuable sources about your topic!

Screenshot of Wikipedia entry for Botulism. See those tasty resources, ready for you to use!

Tip Two: Library Databases
The TDSB and the Ministry of Education have spent a great deal of money on amazing research databases for students just like you! We’ll talk about some of those when you’re in.

Tip Three: The CDC – Centre for Disease Control
The American CDC has amazing resources on the pathogens you’re looking to research. It’s a must-use as I see it.

Tip Four: Health Canada’s Diseases and Disorders
Health Canada’s database of diseases and disorders give you Canadian Content that should help you with their research.

Period 4 Ms. Veliu – CHV2O1 – Civics & Citizenship

It is crucial to properly reference information that is not your own in order to give credit where it’s due and also to avoid PLAGIARISM. Providing your teacher with a URL for a website used unfortunately will not cut it anymore

Using the following information will put you on the right track to creating a bibliography to be proud of! (Remember to keep track of where you found your information so that formatting your bibliography will be a breeze!)

Below you’ll find the Laurier Guide for Chicago Citation.


Remember to look to OWL @ Purdue for other questions that arise about citation. It’s where Mr. Kosowan and Mrs. Vilicic go when we’re looking for information about citation.