Wednesday, October 24th

Period Four- CHW3M

Mr. Kosowan’s Grade 11 Ancient Civilization class will be coming to the Library to research for their Famous Greeks chart completion & hashtag assignment.

Your assignment is here and also in the Google Classroom for this course.

Famous Greek 1 – A-H

Famous Greek 2 – I-S

We also suggest you use the following resources :

The Library Catalogue allows you remote access to our print, digital and streaming resources from anywhere at any time. To access this resource, you’ll simply need your TDSB log-in information.

Instead of just going to Google, you’d all be well-served to consult the following database as well.

A great resource about ancient Greece is found here:

Fordham University has created an Internet Sourcebook that provides primary source documents different civilizations and eras across History.


Another good website to look at is Ancient History Encyclopedia, found here: