Friday, May 26th, 2023 – Workshop I

Hello Year One IB Peoples,

Word is you were assigned Mentors on Thursday and you’re ready to get things started for your Extended Essay.

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There are 3 workshops you’ll be taking this spring to prepare you for the E.E.

Workshop One: May 26th – Researching and Getting Ready for your E.E.

So you have a Subject and a Mentor. Let’s talk about how to start.

Have you done the following…?

  • Emailed the mentor to introduce yourself
  • Think about what your interests are within the subject area
  • Read over the E.E. Subject Guide
  • Looked over ManageBac

Our focus today will be directed to how to start “researching” for this subject.

We’ll discuss Databases, Search Engines and avenues for research.

There’s also two skill builders provided:

Well Formulated Research Questions

Well Formulated Research Questions (English Literature Edition)

Next week we’ll talk about how to approach the relationship with your Mentor to ensure that you put yourself in a position to succeed with the E.E.