Monday November 14th, 2022

Period 3-ESLC/D

Canada symbol on a flagpole Maple leaf flag flying in the wind canadian flag stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Welcome to the library, Ms. Gentile’s class! Today you have an exciting task. ESL C students, you are looking for a famous Canadian landmark or tourist attraction to highlight and ESL D students, you’re researching a famous Canadian city to highlight.

You definitely will be able to use Google to search but I recommend a few of the following sites as alternatives (with fewer ads and pop-ups):

Lonely Planet-15 Best Places to Visit in Canada Right Now-a reliable source of up-to-date travel information

Destination Canada-Information about cities and an interactive map

Travel and Tourism-the Canada Guide-links to provincial websites

Authentik Canada-Road Trip Planner-downloadable guides to help planning driving trips within Canada

Keep Exploring-the same site as Destination Canada highlighting wellness and cultural experiences

All Provinces and Territories will have their own tourism website. Check out Quebec’s BonjourQuebec!

Remember to click on Images in Google and search Youtube videos for a closer look at landmarks, attractions and cities!