Tuesday November 8th, 2022

Period 3-NAC10

Welcome Ms. Nikkel’s Grade 9 Indigenous Art class!

You are here today to CELEBRATE Indigenous artists, not to mention in-person learning!!!

There are a few good ways to search artists, musicians, etc. for your assignment. The first way is to look at the Virtual Library using Canadian Encyclopedia. This is a very reputable and trustworthy source. Remember that you first have to use the yellow FIND tile, select your grade range (9-12) and in this case, the subject should be Indigenous Studies.

When you have the Canadian Encyclopedia open, a good search term to use is: Influential Indigenous (Enter 1 of the following categories: Musicians/Artists/Authors/Actors/Writers/Entrepreneurs & Activists) in Canada.
For example: Influential Indigenous Musicians in Canada

If you know who you want to research, Google their name. They may already have their own website.

If you know the artist’s name you can also have a look at the following websites: McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Canadian Geographic, Widewalls, Toronto Arts Council, The National Gallery of Canada, DaVic Gallery-Native Canadian Arts

Youtube may also be useful in terms of adding video clips; just remember to spell their name correctly when searching for clips.


Thursday February 21, 2019

Curated Resources for Classes in the Library Today

Welcome to the Library!

Period 3-NAC101

Ms. Lucassen’s Grade 9 Art class will be coming to the Library to research an artist.

To find information about an artist, we suggest you use the following resources.