Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022

Welcome back to school after a well-deserved 4 day weekend.

Block B – Ms. Magson’s HSC4M

Ms. Magson’s World Cultures class will be coming into the Library to work on their Cultural Practices assignment.

We’ll start off by discussing Chicago Citation, which is a method used by many teachers at Laurier’s CWS department.

Below you’ll find the Laurier Guide for Chicago Citation.


Remember to look to OWL @ Purdue for other questions that arise about citation. It’s where Ms. Kelso or Ms. Vilicic go when we’re looking for information about citation.

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Several books that highlight cultural practices were pulled and will be available to the class. In terms of research on this topic, consider how you’re going to make use of search terms. It will be important to be precise with your choice of keywords as you utilize web browsers. The School’s databases might have some information, but search engines will be your most effective tool here.

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