Thursday April 11, 2019

Period 1-CHC2D7- Mr Kosowan

Ms. McMulkin, Ms. Gaudette , Mr. Kosowan, Mr. Oldridge and Mr. Philippou will be bringing their Grade 10 History classes to the library to work on their World War 2 Technological Innovations project.

We suggest using the following resources.

The Canadian Encyclopedia – This thorough collection of resources covers most Canadian options, but also looks at the local impact of globally renowned individuals and their innovations. It also provides links and a bibliography for easy access. – This is a good starting point for general information.

You will need to search your innovation within these websites.

Science History Institute

Here are some other very useful resources you can pick up at the Laurier Virtual Library.

Resources for the CHC2O Included are the Virtual Library Catalogue,  Canadian Points of View and Global Issues in Context. 

Before you can access the database list, remember to indicate that you’re in Gr 9-12.

In some cases, using Google might be a good bet. Ask yourself the following questions though…

  1. Who created the information you’re using? Are they a trustworthy source? Why or why not?
  2. When was the information created? Is it out of date or premature maybe?
  3. Is there any implicit (or explicit) bias that you should take into account?


Remember where to find help creating a Bibliography in Chicago form.

You may need to refer to Laurier’s handy Chicago Style handout. The file can be found right here at Chicago Citation at Laurier.

Thursday, December 6th

Curated Resources for Classes in the Library Today

Welcome to the Library!

Period 2 – CHC2P
Mr. Kert is bringing his Grade 10 History class to work on a World War II assignment.

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To make your lives easier, I suggest you look at the following places for research.

We’ve pulled a collection of books we think would be helpful for your research here.  They’re on a cart near the SmartBoard. Take a look!

The Laurier Librarians have created a list of 20th/21st Century Canadian History resources. This list of print sources covers important primary source documents that will help aid your research. We’ve labelled it as “CHC2D – Canadian History Primary Sources” It can be found HERE.

The Canadian Encyclopedia has information about most important Canadian history events/people. Definitely go here as it’s really easy to use and also has links to other sources that’ll make research even faster.

The Canadian Letters & Images Project archives the Canadian war experience from those who were there. You can search for real primary source documents by era, theme and location. You can find letters, photos or pretty much anything else you could use in terms of primary sources in Canada. Definitely a great resource.